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iVATS Ship Security Alert System (SSAS)

Ship Security Alert System (SSAS) is adopted by IMO under MSC.136(76) and MSC.147(77) as a mandatory requirement.

Kemilinks’ SSAS platform allows priority delivery of alert messages to any email address and SMS to cellular phones of user-defined recipients. SSAS alert message can be delivreed from the ship to email address and SMS specified by the vessel and/or its Flag administration to fleet managers and port authority.

Shipowners and fleet managers have the advantages of using the same position reports or increase position reports to establish its own vessel monitoring and tracking on a routine basis for better management of its vessels. User only needs to have the internet connection to access theb SSAS platform with their asigned user names and passwords.

Latest vessel positions are displayed on a world map, with mangement module available for generation of reports.

Kemilinks also provides the Ocean Alert MKIII SSAS from Honeywell Global Tracking. Kemilinks has been a long term distribution and value added partner to Honeywell Global Tracking and have migrated many of our SSAS system to Ocean Alert.

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