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Long Range Identification Tracking (LRIT)

Kemilinks’ proprietary Long Range Identification & Tracking (LRIT) System is developed to fully meet the regulations governed under IMO LRIT Regulation: SOLAS V/19-1 Long Range Identification & Tracking. The system is developed using iVATS which is Kemilinks’ proprietary core software architecture.

Kemilinks LRIT product has already been deployed to many Southeast Asia Flag States fulfilling the LRIT requirement. Built on robust redundancy architecture, the system has proven to be highly reliable and cost effective platform. The LRIT system is deisgned with a full capability to connect to various IMO approved LRIT compliant terminals such as Mini-C, Inmarsat D LRIT Terminal and Iridium. With an automated billing module, it greatly reduces workload for customer during end of month billing.

Kemilinks (IMO Application Service Provider no. 4006) is fully capable to acts as Authorised ASP or Recognised ASP for any Flag States. We have a very attractive Conformance Test rates.

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