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National Disaster Tsunami Early Warning System in Phuket

A national disaster tsunami early warning system is being set up across Thailand – that will be triggered via Inmarsat in the event of impending disaster.

The first site is at Patong beach, Phuket, which was badly affected by the devastating tsunami that struck Southeast Asia on December 26.

Two alarm sirens have been placed on top of two hotels and a third – a larger siren – is installed on a pole erected on the beach front. The three sirens are designed and located in positions that will enable warning sounds to be heard throughout the whole Patong Beach bay area. The sirens are programmed to broadcast a range of different types of warning sounds – with announcements in Thai, English, Chinese, German, Swedish and Japanese.

Testing of the alarm systems is currently under way. The larger siren on the beach front can be heard for 1.5 kms and the other two from half a kilometre.

Frankie Neo, president of Singapore-based Kemilinks, which installed the system, said: “The sirens will be triggered and monitored at a tsunami monitoring headquarters in Bangkok through a network of communications systems – and wherever suited, Inmarsat systems will be deployed.

“Kemilinks' D+ application and solutions software will be used for triggering and monitoring all the sirens, alarms – and remote sensor sites.”
For disaster management and search and rescue operations, a number of systems will be used – including other Inmarsat services, such as the mini-M, GAN, and eventually BGAN when it is launched.

The sites at Patong Beach are the first of up to 50 locations in six provinces facing the Andaman Sea that Thailand plans to equip with sirens to warn of a natural disaster.