Contract for iVATS Fuel Monitoring and Vessel Tracking System (iFMVTS)

Kemilinks has secured a contract to provide our iVATS Fuel Monitoring and Vessel Tracking System (iFMVTS) to a north asia based customer. The system will include the monitoring of the bunker and engine fuel intake and consumption. As part of the contract, Kemilinks will also provide a local display system with printing capability for onboard crews. The contract is for 2 vessels with an extended option for another 8 more.

The contract is an excellent testament to the proven track record of our iFMVTS platform.

Contract for iVATS Vessel Tracking and Monitoring Service (iVTMS)

Kemilinks has secured a contract to provide our iVATS Vessel Tracking and Monitoring Service (iVTMS) to an offshore operator. The service includes the tracking and monitoring of OSV, tugboats and non-propelled barges. Kemilinks is proud to be able to provide a cost effective solution including the turnkey implementation of solar powered satellite tracking system for the non-propelled barges.

Kemilinks is proud to secure this contract through our engineering capability and solution centric approach.

Turnkey Contract for the Integration of a Satellite Vehicle Tracking System and an Iridium Communication System

Kemilinks secured an order from an oil major customer to equip all their entire fleet of cross terrain vehicles with Iridium satellite terminal and satellite based tracking services. The project entails installation of Bean Drive Dock station with Iridium 9575 handset and Skywave IDP 600 series terminal for vehicle tracking. All the vehicles have to be tracked and monitored based on a 15 minutes reporting interval.

Kemilinks is proud to have secured this order and it is an excellent testament of our iVATS Fleet Management System product as well as our engineering capability to be able to meet customer’s specific needs and demands.

Thuraya Vehicular Systems

Kemilinks secured an order from a Non-Government Organisation (NGO) to deploy a fleet of Thuraya IP+ and Spacecom Vehicle Antenna system including the latest SatSleeve. The order was placed with Kemilinks after a series of trial and demonstration to prove the relibility and ease of deployment. Kemilinks has once again proven to be a reliable solution partner delivering advance and cost effective solutions in meeting end user requirements.

Provision of V/19-1 Long Range Identification and Tracking (LRIT) Services for Myanmar

Kemilinks was awarded a contract by Myanmar Department of Marine Administration to provide the IMO V/19-1 Long Range Identification and Tracking (LRIT) Services. Our proprietary LRIT software applications is a proven platform that has been deployed across major Southeast Asia flag states in fulfilling the mandatory LRIT requirements. Under this contract, Kemilinks is appointed as both the Recognised and Authorised Application Service Provider.

Live Streaming Platform for News Gathering

Kemilinks secured an order from a Media customer for the Thuraya IP+ based on the Media Plan. The order was awarded to Kemilinks after a series of POC and optimisation of the customer’s network. Kemilinks has been actively involved with the media sector, providing various satellites based video streaming solutions to meet specific needs of our end users.

iFMVTS Fuel Monitoring System

Kemilinks successfully secured a contract from an Asia based OSV operator for a fleet wide implementation of iVATS Fuel Monitoring and Vessel Tracking System (iFMVTS). The contract was secured after a succesful POC being conducted over a period of time.

iFMVTS is a proprietary product of Kemilinks which is based on the iVATS software architecture. iFMVTS is a proven telemetry system used for remote monitoring of vessel’s fuel consumption, engines parameters and locations.

iFMVTS has once again proven to be a highly reliable platform used by ship owners to optimise their resources.

Satellite-based Video Streaming Solution

Kemilinks has secured an order from a media customer to deploy a satellite based video streaming solution. Utilising Inmarsat BGAN Network and special video streaming software, Kemilinks has been able to prove to end user the reliability and quality of the video streamed live over the Inmarsat network. Kemilinks has been actively involved in the media sectors; having provided same solutions to many of our customers in the media industry.

First Deployment of IsatData Pro

Singapore/Ottawa, Canada

SkyWave Mobile Communications today announced the first deployment of IsatData Pro by Kemilinks International Pte Ltd (“Kemilinks”), a developer of web-based and client server applications for asset tracking, monitoring, remote telemetry solutions and Long Range Identification and Tracking (LRIT) Data Centre services. By integrating the IsatData Pro satellite service with Kemilinks’ proprietary Fuel Monitoring System, the cost of maritime M2M applications requiring higher bandwidth is no longer a problem.

Kemilinks’ Fuel Monitoring System is built to interface with any flow meter model and other sensors such as engine control panel, anemometer, GPS, etc., to capture data regarding engine RPM, engine load, propeller pitch, propeller load and rudder angle. Data can be collected and graphical trending reports can be analyzed at the vessel’s corporate headquarters to determine the best ways to maximize efficiency.

By incorporating SkyWave’s IsatData Pro with the Fuel Monitoring System, Kemilinks’ solution meets the increasing demand for more detailed information in M2M applications and allows businesses to share more data across diverse operations, via emails, electronic forms and workflow information.

“The efficiency this design offers to onshore management is unrivalled and it comes at a very cost effective price,” said S. H. Tay, Director of Marketing and Projects for Kemilinks International. “Benefits include always knowing the location and operational performance of the vessel and having the capability to immediately make effective directives to correct operational inefficiencies.”

IsatData Pro offers a significant increase in payload capacity compared to other satellite-based M2M services currently in the market, delivering up to 10,000 bytes of information to the device and up to 6,400 bytes from the device. Other global M2M satellite services offer inferior data connectivity at between 270 and 340 bytes.

“Combining Kemilinks’ Fuel Monitoring System with IsatData Pro will bring significant changes to the telemetry environment,” said Jenn Markey, Director of Marketing and Product Management at SkyWave. “We look forward to combining forces to help Kemilinks expand their position as a leading solutions provider for the maritime industry.”

iVATS Fuel Monitoring and Vessel Tracking System (iFMVTS)

Kemilinks secured an order to install the proprietary iVATS Fuel Monitoring and Vessel Tracking System (iFMVTS) solution onboard 15 vessels. The contract calls for a full integration with the onboard sensors such as flow meters as well as the integration with the engines and propulsion control panel. Information monitored includes the fuel consumption, engines rpm, load, running hours, propeller rpm and load.

iFMVTS is designed based on our core iVATS software architecture and it has ben proven to be a reliable and effective system.